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File have to include only one compound (size < 200 lines)
Notes: - be sure to have a correct 3D structure optimized
- RealityConvert is optimized to generate high quality model for small molecules.
- If your molecule exceed 100 atoms used the command line version (> 1hour).

Input format:   .sdf, .mol or .pdb   .wrl

Tracker for Augmented Reality:  


The RealityConvert was developed using Python 2.7 and requires four software programs (all freely available for academia) as dependencies.

PyMOL Blender 2.7.7 Openbabel 2.4.1 Molconvert


RealityConvert is a program that streamlines and automatizes the preparation of 3D models for AR and VR applications. It can manage three types of format input, two of then for 3D molecules formats (pdb or sdf) and the VRML format (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). In addition to 3D model generation RealityConvert can generate tracker file automatically, tracker files are used to anchor a 3D model to an actual object or image in the reality.

Example of input file

sdf file wrl file